Spa Buying Tips

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How To Go About Buying Spas, Hot Tubs or Swim Spas

The Right Fit For Your Family

Do you like the feel of reclining seats or do you prefer sitting upright? You may even gravitate to a more open style plunge pool. Are you after a more conversational shape like our round Pearl Bay hot tub or are you after party spas like the Cantwell that can bring the whole family together and more? Likewise you may consider the height of indulgence by looking at spas, hot tubs or swim spas in our range that will pamper the needs of the most royal subject.
For swim spas, are you a strong swimmer or are you after a swim spa for recreational purposes. Our swim spas are designed with models that suit both requirements.


Look for spas, hot tubs or swim spas that fit within the confines of the space that you have. You may need access to any of the side doors of the spa during its life. Consider it as part of your plans to facilitate this level of access.


Most deliveries are quite simple but we welcome you to discuss the access requirements with a sales consultant. If required, cranes are not always as expensive as one might think and they offer a logical stress free way of delivering your spa or hot tub to your exact location.
For swim spas we strongly recommend using a crane to position the spa in place. A swim spa generally weighs around 2000 kilograms. Using a crane is the safest way.

Electrical Requirements

Generally you may need 15 amps or 32 amps. It is a good idea to place a safety switch on the circuit that you choose for your spa. Consider an isolator switch near the spa or hot tub on hardwired spas. Some of our swim spas require as much as 45 amps. You should discuss these issues with your electrician.

Massage And Recreational

When consider spas, hot tubs or swim spas with a variety of jets for optimum massage therapy. Also look at the size of the jet and flow of water as much as the number of jets.
Hydrotherapy is such a valuable benefit that you get from spas, hot tubs or swim spas. Our spas are all designed to focus on different parts of your body.
Does your choice of spas or hot tubs have an air blower? Air systems offer sensational hyrdotheraputic value. They are great for a soothing leg massage.

Spa And Hot Tubs Running Costs

Do the spas, hot tubs or swim spas you have chosen have an independent circulation pump. If so, how many amps does it run at? Lanark circulation pumps run as little as 0.5 of an amp 24/7. Do you have the option of installing a circulation pump if it does not come standard with the spas you are buying?
Are the spas, hot tubs or swim spas fitted out with the best insulation available? Is the red cedar cabinet of the spas, hot tubs or swim spas fitted out with alfoil insulation? Have the spas, hot tubs or swim spas base been covered with a Skid Base to prevent moisture and rodents from entering and heat from escaping? How thick are the shells of the spas or hot tubs? Is it a two skin process making the shell more hardy and durable?

Best Quality Manufacturer

What is underneath the hood is just as important as what you can see cosmetically. Enquire about the quality of the pumps and heating system. Is the shell thick? Has the framework been engineered well to support the weight?
Consider well known brands that are not a 'fly by nighter'. Lanark Spas are well regarded as the best build spas, hot tubs or swim spas in Australia

Warranty And Service

Deal with a reputable, reliable business that can back their product up with service technicians if required, chemical instruction and maintenance advise. We have a national service team for our spas, hot tubs or swim spas.

The Right Price

Talk to us about discounts and sales that we may have at different times of the year. We are interested in your business and would love the opportunity to offer you our product.